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Geneva Forrester

Expert Negotiator in Government/Campaign/Public Relations in Government and Corporations. Urban-International Development-global strategic planning-Forrester partners with cities, municipalities, and corporations to create winning momentum. J.D., BA, Sociology-statistics, worked as a Trial Lawyer, Administrative Judge for the City of St. Petersburg, Fiscal Advisor to the Maryland Legislature wrote fiscal notes required for the passage of legislation. Creates Urban & Economic Feasibility studies through out the United States for properties $50-120 million + Lecturer/writer active political, governmental & media contacts.
Moses Choi

Skilled in facility acquisitions and mergers Dr. Choi just returned from his second visit to China within the last 6-months. This trip was devoted to opening new offices in China-our offices in the rapidly growing seaport of Dalian open November 1, 2005. Dr. Choi has a Ph.D. in Business Administration/International Business. M.B.A., Business Administration, served as Adjunct Professor for Golden Gate University in Health Care Marketing Strategies and Health Care Finance. Management Consultant for United Kingdom, Taiwan and People’s Republic of China. As a Hospital Administrator he executes balance sheet management, designs psychiatric treatment modalities to reduce inpatient care and decrease cost. Integrated long-term care with rehabilitative process to improve patient therapy and reduce cost. Procured $163 million bond for Tampa Hospital Authority renovation and fashioned a management tool linking cost to productivity and volume.
Denise Bibeau Reaves

Dr. Reaves works with small businesses to Fortune 500 clients direct marketing, retail, in technical, financial services, airline, Aerospace, and manufacturing industries, Ph.D., Organizational Psychology. Over 25 years of combined experience in corporate consulting, human resource management, training and development. Conducted programs and provided services in change management, executive coaching, team building, career management, and pre-hire assessment. Member: Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology, American Psychological Association, International Coaching Federation.


Todd Phoenix

Surveillances, Pre-litigation investigations, personal protection & background checks. Nineteen years of investigative experience. Ten years with the St. Petersburg, Florida Police Department. Licensed Private Investigator. Worked with Hart & Associates Investigations before setting up his own firm, Phoenix Investigations.


Patricia Van Leuvan

Promoter, & Organizer Established Arts Council in Oregon, Obtained tax increase as Board Director for Hospital, worked as Software Developer for NCR. Development, co-ordination and revitalization. Advisor for entrepreneur expansion Promoter & Organizer of Bay Area art shows/markets. JD, Juris Doctor, former Judge of Reedsport Justice Courts, Reedsport, Oregon. Writer, Editor in Corporate Law Division, Matthew Bender, New York, New York, over 25 years of experience.



Robert P. Thompson III

Advisor in medical management and quality assurance, R.N. Registered Nurse practicing 28 years. Evaluates and coordinates health care needs within Hospitals, Home Health Agencies and Long Term Care Facilities. Experienced in hospital practice including emergency/trauma and intensive care. Past practice area expertise in HIV case management conjunction with high tech Home Health. Active community involvement as a member Pier Advisory committee for the City of St. Petersburg, FL.



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