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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT- The Forrester Group Inc. experts OPEN CHINA’S DOORS for economic development & cooperation to bridge communication with government and corporations-INTERNAL & EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION. Our new offices in the Seaport of Dalian China open November 1, 2005. Dr. Moses Choi will answer your questions about the accelerated economic growth in China and our teams will assist your DEVELOPMENT ON SITE IN CHINA.

MARKETING- BRANDING & Re-Imaging-Call us and talk about improving your market share let’s talk-RAINMAKING.

TOOLS- The Forrester Group Inc. comes with the TOOLS & EXPERTISE-International Business PhD.-Medical/Economic/International Investment Business Sociology-Occupational Psychology-JDs, P.I.-Security/Marketing/Political Expertise.


SKILLED POLITICAL TEAMS- with over 20 years of Campaign management proficiency & training to produce a winning campaign-JOURNALISTS-MARKETS-PUBLIC RELATIONS & TOP LEVEL SECURITY.

GOVERNMENT RELATIONS-COACHING- Negotiations-GOVERNMENT RELATIONS-the Power you need at meetings and representation before boards to FORWARD ECONOMIC, CORPORATE AND URBAN GROWTH. Lectures & coaching of key people to retain and maintain performance.

RESEARCH-FEASIBILITY STUDIES- Marketing research-Feasibility Studies. statistically verifiable studies gathering market data-drafting reports/diagrams and charts with supporting
Documentation. Formulating comprehensible presentations of Marketability with supporting price-construction-durability data.

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