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I. Cheers for Cities: “Triumph of the City.”
II. Targeting Consumer's Decision Making Process.
III. Watch the Action: St. Joe Company is Volatile.

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Cheers for Cities

Edward Glaeser, a Harvard professor of economics, investigates the role of cities in human achievement in his new book: “Triumph of the City.”

Compare with Jane Jacobs: "The Death of Great American Cities" which speaks of the decline of neighborhoods killing a source of community.

Professor Glaeser triumphs the stacking of people in close proximity within high-rise developments to create the inbreeding of ideas and the reduction of the pollution of the suburbs fueled by large houses to heat and cool along with car-only transport to work, entertainment, groceries and children's recreation activities all unavailable without, you guessed it: automotive transport.

Targeting Consumer's Decision Making Process.

Rethink your planning for 2011 if your marketing money is not hitting your target, stop throwing marketing $$$ away.

What do you know about your consumers' decision making process?

Today's consumer often reduce the number of products under consideration; then evaluates seeking input from peers, reviewers, the brand and competitors; the final decision is usually made at time of purchase.

Thereafter the buyer enjoys, advocates and bonds with the brand-the single most important push to buy is someone's advocacy for the product.

Marketing dollars should be focused on producing advocates-the blogger and influential spreader of the good news about an excellent product, word-of-mouth.

Read more: "Branding in the Digital Age, You're Spending Your Money in All the Wrong Places", David Edelman, Harvard Business Review, December 2010. Also see: "The Influentials," Ed Keller and Jon Berry.

Watch the Action: St. Joe Company is Volatile.

St. Joe Company a real estate developer stated Wednesday, February 16, 2011 that it was opposing the attempt by its largest shareholder to replace the entire board.

St. Joe is located in the Panhandle of Florida. There has been criticism of St. Joe's attempt to bring Southwest Airlines to an airport nearby by covering any losses incurred by the airline.

Watch for updates on this company. http://www.joe.com

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